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Why You Should Not Be Adjusting Your Ductwork Airflow

Your furnace and air conditioner provide air to all rooms of your home through the ductwork. This air passes through registers in each room. These registers are adjusted to set the amount of air flowing into the room. Let’s say it is summer and the room is too hot; you may want to open the registers to get more cool air. This may fix the immediate problem in that specific room, but there is a problem. When conditions change, that amount of air will quite likely be too much. This results in overcooling the room. So now you must make […]

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How to Select the Right American Standard Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for a new A/C unit, all of the brands might be unfamiliar; air conditioning should be a once per decade purchase, and the trust you build up with brands for more frequent products isn’t necessarily there. Here are some of the factors you can check as you look for the right unit for your home and why an American Standard air conditioner is likely to be a good fit. Universality: Selecting a major brand makes every part of maintaining your air conditioning unit more convenient for you. Your installation specialist will have seen the model dozens of times, […]

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Three Invisible Signs You Should Replace Your A/C Unit

If your air conditioning unit is breaking down often and each repair job is more expensive than the last, it’s probably time to replace your unit. Other standard signs that you should include installing a new air conditioner include expensive repairs that near or exceed the cost of a comparable unit, as well as having a unit that is over a decade old and is starting to show signs of problems. But there are a few less noticeable signs that your air conditioning unit should be replaced. Those include: If you just bought a property and all of the major […]

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The American Standard For Heating And Air Conditioning?

On extremely hot or cold days, it’s mandatory for your heating and air conditioning equipment to work great. That’s because an equipment breakdown on that type of day may put you at the back of the repairman’s line. Either melting or freezing. You don’t want to rely on an untested brand name. That’s why American Standard is a safe reliable choice. American Standard has their products in 3 out of 5 American homes. Not to mention airports, stadiums, and hotels. That’s as a result of 140 years of service and reliability. For Air Conditioning American Standard air conditioning units incorporate […]

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5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Do you own a pet? It’s important to keep tabs on your home’s air quality. This will help ensure the safety and good health of your family and your furry or feathered friends. Here are some HVAC tips for pet owners. Reduce Dander Dander is small microscopic flakes of skin from pets which permeates the air. This can affect your home’s air quality and can be dangerous for people with pet allergies. It can also get stuck in your HVAC filters. To reduce dander, groom your pet regularly and keep their skin healthy by bathing and cleaning them. Clean your […]

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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Blowing Hot Air?

Air conditioners in the middle of a breakdown can rattle and shake, giving you a clear warning sign that something is wrong in the works. Other times, they just don’t blow air completely and the stillness lets you know to call in an expert. But sometimes your A/C seems like it’s working until put your hand near the vent and you realize all it’s blowing is hot air. Hot air can be a symptom of any number of problems ranging from simple to serious; here’s what to do to get your A/C back in working order: Two Common DIY Problems […]

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Why Won’t My Central Air Conditioner Turn Off?

Are you concerned about your central air conditioner running continuously when it shouldn’t? Is your AC running night and day without ever turning off? Or, is it endlessly cycling on and off? There is a very good chance that you have a problem with your air conditioner until. Additionally, you are racking up one hefty electric bill as a consequence. Is it so hot that your air conditioner needs to run? Frankly, more often than not, this is often a sign of an undersized air conditioning unit. When installing a new unit, and a professional installer will calculate the correct size for your home. […]

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Why Does my Air Conditioner Smell Funny?

Does your central air conditioner smell like wet, dirty laundry coming from air vents? You may not even realize it is your air conditioner at first as you hunt through your house for the cause. However, this foul, musky smell that comes from your air conditioner is sometimes called “Dirty Sock Syndrome“.  So, now that you know that smell is not coming from your son’s dirty clothes basket, this article will provide you with a brief explanation of the causes. Essentially, the musky odor of dirty socks is created from moisture, mold, and mildew. Additionally, since mold and mildew are air quality issues […]

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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling Expenses

Want to save money on your heating and cooling expenses? There are many ways to reduce your heating and cooling bills. Not only will you save money, but you’ll conserve energy and help protect the environment. Use these tips to decrease your energy bill. Keep Your Home Cooler During the summer, keep your home cooler by using curtains and window shades to block out the sun’s rays. During the winter, just do the opposite: Open your curtains so that the sun can enter and warm up your home. Make sure to seal off any cracks that can let hot air […]

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Why a New Air Conditioning Installation is Worth the Investment

If you are like many homeowners, you might try to put off costly replacements for as long as you can. For example, even if your air conditioning unit is old, you might be hoping that you can continue using it for at least a few more years. Even though it’s true that buying a new air conditioning unit can be a big investment, however, it’s generally worth it. These are a few reasons why. Reduce Your Cooling Bills Even though you might be worried about the cost of buying a new unit, you should think about how much you can […]

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