A Perfect Summer Rests on How You Tackle AC Repairs

Air conditioning repair is not some vast mystery whose depths we haven’t yet explored, but it can be a Pandora’s Box for you (and fellow homeowners) if aging heating and cooling units are neglected during the hot summer months.

A Perfect Summer Rests on How You Tackle AC Repairs

Aging Units

If your central air conditioning unit is more than 8 years old, it may already be exhibiting signs of wear and tear, including blowing warm air.   When temperatures soar past 85°F this puts more pressure on AC units which may trigger an early shut down. This is the last thing you need when getting home from a busy day at work or after picking up the kids at school.  While you may be hoping for a quick and affordable air conditioning repair, the bigger problem lies in the age and declining health of your central AC unit.

Prevention Better Than Cure

Calling in a Nate Certified HVAC contractor to repair your air conditioning unit is a necessary first step, but the bigger challenge lies in preventing these issues in the first place.    By the time a unit hits the 8-year mark, parts needs to be replaced and coils cleaned.   By replacing air conditioning filters on a regular basis (and taking advantage of summer tune up specials), you help extend the life of your heating and cooling system. This limits costly AC repairs.

Get Smart

One hidden advantage of this proactive approach is saving between 20-40% in annual energy costs.   Also take advantage of annual maintenance plans offered by your local air conditioning company to keep the unit in tiptop shape. Both these measures help your AC units age more gracefully and limit the need for repairing air conditioning systems.  When this fails, take advantage of free service calls to get your unit up and running quickly.

Enjoy Your Summer

Currently your unit may be running smoothly. However, take a moment to note its age and establish whether you are taking enough precautions – including those suggested above – to prevent air conditioning repairs.   Be tackling these issues head-on you limit the risk of unit replacement and squeeze more operating life out of your existing AC unit.

Plus, it will make your summer so much more enjoyable and stress free!

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