HVAC and the Added Benefits of Controlled Humidity

As air cools, it loses its ability to retain humidity, which will also serve to wick humidity out of your body, furniture, etc.  In Texas, the cold isn’t really a problem for us, but did you know that your AC system is actually dehumidifying your environment?

HVAC and the Added Benefits of Controlled Humidity

Humidity helps regulate the temperature of your home as well. Ambient humidity in your home will improve the effectiveness of your HVAC system, allowing warm air to stay warm longer in the winter months. Also, during cold and flu season, added humidity helps kill airborne viruses, and helps people with breathing conditions such as asthma from getting worse. Cracked or dried skin holds onto germs better than smooth, healthy skin as well. Humidity isn’t just for your complexion, it keeps you well!

So instead of drying yourself out like a mummy, add a humidifier to keep the moisture where it belongs. Choose from a preferred steam humidifier or a fan powered humidifier to get the job done. Better yet, contact us to see which is right for your home!

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