Four Major Benefits of New Ductwork

Although some people try to use the same HVAC ductwork forever, this equipment normally needs replacement after 10 to 25 years. Its condition and cleanliness often degrade considerably during this time period. You can gain several important benefits by replacing old ducts:

Four Major Benefits of New Ductwork

1. Greater Efficiency

Fully intact ductwork will move air from the HVAC system to your home’s rooms as efficiently as possible. Aging units may have cracks and holes that leak substantial amounts of air. This increases energy bills, especially if the conduits pass through unoccupied places.

2. Cleaner Air

The above-mentioned holes can allow dust and other contaminants to enter indoor air and circulate throughout the home. New ductwork will prevent your HVAC system from sending insulation or wood particles into your living spaces.

Keep in mind that the interior surfaces of old ducts can accumulate dust, dirt, mold and other grime. They might even harbor pests. This situation could result in higher concentrations of allergens in your home’s air. It may also produce unpleasant odors.

3. Potentially Quieter

Some flexible ducts start bending or sagging as time passes. This often causes air to generate more noise when it travels through them. New ductwork could eliminate this bothersome problem. Proper professional installation reduces the likelihood that conduits will sag in the future.

4. Optimal Size

If you use old ductwork with a new HVAC system, it can lead to various problems. Your equipment may work inefficiently, need more repairs and create excessive noise. You’ll save money and enjoy better results if a professional installs ducts of the appropriate size for your current system.

Basically, new ductwork frequently conserves energy, minimizes noise and allows people to breathe more comfortably. If you’re thinking about replacing ducts or installing other heating and cooling equipment, please contact us to learn more.