Keeping your A/C in Tiptop Shape

The top tip for keeping your A/C in tiptop shape is changing out the filter regularly. But, after that, it’s time to start focusing on how the various parts of your machine are arranged. Location, Location, Location: Carefully Place These Elements of Your A/C

Location, Location, Location: Carefully Place These Elements of Your A/C

1. Keep the outside air condenser in the shade.

Your air conditioning system works by exchanging warm air in your house with cooler, treated air. A lot of that circulation and heat exchange takes place in the larger, boxy condenser outside your house. If the condenser sits fully in the southern sun, that means it has to do a lot of extra work. Shade it with an awning or landscaping plants that keep it cool without clogging the vents.

2. Isolate your thermostat from hot electronics and direct sun.

Similarly, your interior thermostat needs to be kept in ideal temperature conditions. The thermostat reads the temperature around it and assumes that’s the temperature throughout your entire house. If it’s next to hot electronics, the thermostat will think your home is much hotter than it is. Not only does that waste a lot of air conditioning power, but your A/C will also keep cycling on because the air conditioning won’t cool down your electronics.

3. What’s next to your vents?

The cool air has to circulate through your house somehow, and many homes are designed to having vents both near the floor and in the ceiling. Your lower vents matter more for heating, but it’s always important to know if something is blocking the vents. This can include everything from furniture to pet beds and even pet hair. Make sure your vents are kept clear from obstructions and that the grills themselves stay clean.

If you’ve made some adjustments and your air conditioning is still working too hard or it isn’t keeping your home cool, contact us, these elements of your A/C matter, schedule an appointment with one of our technicians here.