Is Your AC Unit in Check? 4 Must-Do Things for a Summer-Ready Home

As summer draws close, you want to ask yourself if your home is ready for the heat. It is a season characterized by harsh temperatures. That means your air conditioner should be immaculate to handle the hot weather. If you don’t want the frustrations that accompany a broken AC unit during summer, there are some essential things you must do.

Texas Air Tech values your comfort, and we want to ensure your air conditioning system is functional before summer kicks in. Consider these four must-do things for your air conditioning system for a summer-ready home.

Is Your AC Unit in Check? 4 Must-Do Things for a Summer-Ready Home

Schedule a Check-Up

The first step you need to take before anything else is to have a professional HVAC contractor check your AC unit. The expert can perform preventative maintenance tasks, including checking refrigerant levels and assessing any potential mechanical issues. Whether your unit is functioning correctly, the technician can identify hidden flaws that might be invisible to your naked eye and recommend proper corrective measures.

Clean or Replace Air Filters 

If you notice that your AC’s air-handler filters appear clogged, replace or clean them immediately. Dusty air filters can impede proper airflow, reduce the AC’s efficiency and affect indoor air quality.

Clean the Condensation Lines 

The condensation lines are responsible for eliminating excess condensation from the AC system. They serve a vital role, but they cause water build-up when clogged up, allowing it to flow back into the condenser unit. Ignoring this can cause damage to your entire AC system, so consider cleaning them before summer, when the unit will be in full swing.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

If your home doesn’t have a smart thermostat, it would be wise to invest and install one. This easy-to-install device can remotely track your indoor temperature, eliminate the hassles of scheduling HVAC usage, and help reduce your utility bills.

If you need more assistance getting your air conditioning system ready for summer, Contact us today.  We’re proud to service DFW!