Should I Get A Second AC Unit?

In Texas air conditioning is a necessity. You know this as an absolute fact if you have ever experienced a summer here! Many new homes in Texas are designed by the builder with two air conditioning units. The benefits are many: gains in efficiency, greater cooling power, increased comfort, additional flexibility in temperature control.

Should I Get A Second AC Unit?

If your home does not have two air conditioning units, you may wonder if adding a second unit can make your home more comfortable, and more efficient. Here are some situations that could warrant adding a second unit.

Bonus Rooms

If you are living in a one story home, has additional living space been added since the house was built? Builders calculate air conditioning needs based on the square footage of the original home’s floorplan. Converting attics, garages, or enclosing a patio increases the area that must be cooled. Your air conditioning unit may no longer be suited to cool the added living space. Unless your bonus room is a sauna, you may want to consider the need for an additional air conditioning unit.

Multi-Level Homes

Homes with more than one story are commonly built with two air conditioning units. This is for good cause. In a two-story home, an air conditioning system utilizing two units and two thermostats allows the upper and lower levels to be cooled independently. This configuration delivers the best comfort and increases energy efficiency. Without a two-unit system, the family experiences the problem of over-cooling one area (usually a chilly downstairs), while other rooms in the home (usually the upper stories) are too hot. Hot air rises and ambient heat from the attic space will cause the upper level to be warmer than the lower level. Having two air conditioning units allows the system to keep the upper level comfortable by lowering one thermostat; at the same time homeowners can adjust the lower level to a bit higher temperature and save energy.

Additional Comfort 

Some homeowners aren’t comfortable keeping their thermostat at the 78°F recommended by the Department of Energy. Perhaps you feel that 75° or even 72° is more reasonable. We understand. You should be absolutely comfortable in your home, at all times. No matter if you are cooking and baking, hosting a get together with all your friends, or training for the half-marathon on your treadmill – you need to have that extra cooling power. On a more serious note, for those with medical conditions and the elderly, having suitable air conditioning is a necessity, not just a comfort. All these situations could warrant the need for a second air conditioning unit.

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