5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Do you own a pet? It’s important to keep tabs on your home’s air quality. This will help ensure the safety and good health of your family and your furry or feathered friends. Here are some HVAC tips for pet owners.

5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Reduce Dander

Dander is small microscopic flakes of skin from pets which permeates the air. This can affect your home’s air quality and can be dangerous for people with pet allergies. It can also get stuck in your HVAC filters. To reduce dander, groom your pet regularly and keep their skin healthy by bathing and cleaning them. Clean your home regularly by vacuuming your rugs and mopping your floor.

Change Your Filter

If you have pets, your HVAC filters will get clogged quicker than normal. Make sure to change and replace your filters at least once a month. Better yet, upgrade to a better filter that is more effective at catching small particles.

Clean Your Ducts

Pet dander can easily get stuck in your air ducts. This will affect the air quality of your home, as the dander will get dispersed throughout your home when you turn on the AC. Clean your air ducts regularly. Make sure they are sealed and are free from cracks and leaks.

Conceal Your Wires

Make sure the wires of your HVAC system are concealed and covered. Some pets enjoy chewing on the wires. This can damage your HVAC system and can be dangerous for your pets.

If you’re a pet owner, you need to have an upgraded and working HVAC system. Contact us today for professional HVAC repair and service.