2 Reasons You Should Call a Professional to Fix Your AC

Sometimes knowing the way to fix a problem around your house saves you a great deal of time, money, and stress, but sometimes it can cause you unexpected problems. If your air conditioner is starting to malfunction or it takes longer and longer to cool the air, knowing what to listen or look for can help you narrow down the underlying cause. Knowing to check the air filter and replace it if it’s dirty is also useful and, many times, it’s precisely what your A/C needed. But, for anything more than that, it’s time to call in a professional. Here’s why:

2 Reasons You Should Call a Professional to Fix Your ACRepairing your air conditioner yourself might violate the warranty.

Many companies want you to use a technician that works for their company; that option notwithstanding, they at least want a certified expert to handle the repairs because they have the training to troubleshoot and fix the problem without potentially damaging the rest of the unit. Any incidental damage if you go into the unit could void the warranty and make you pay for the whole repair or replacement out-of-pocket.

It could also violate your rental agreement.

If you live in an apartment or rent a house, your landlord almost certainly wants you to go through them for any repairs. Even if it takes an extra day or two and you’re convinced you can fix the problem yourself, it’s still better to let the landlord know and handle the repairs. Not only can that save you time and effort in regards to your rental agreement or having to purchase a replacement unit, most rental agreements give A/C repair bills to the owner rather than you, the tenant.

Your home’s air conditioner is a fragile thing, and it needs precise repairs and maintenance to stay working efficiently for years. So doublecheck with your landlord and your warranty before taking it on, and go to Texas Air Tech to see what individual preventative maintenance tips are recommended for residences.