3 Reasons to Clean Your Outdoor A/C Unit Before Spring

Spring is on its way, and things are already coming back to life. Your air conditioning system’s outdoor condenser unit will be right in the middle of it. But if obstructions build up inside of the condenser, the internal fan blades won’t be able to move as easily and it can’t pump untreated air away from your home. So don’t save your condenser unit for your spring cleaning list. Here are 3 reasons to have your outdoor A/C unit cleaned before Spring:

3 Reasons to Clean Your Outdoor A/C Unit Before Spring

You need to check for nests and rodent damage.

Condenser units are attractive winter homes for neighborhood pests. They block the wind and generate enough heat to keep nests warm. But having rodents take up residence in your condenser isn’t just annoying. It’s dangerous. They can bend the fan blades or get caught in the mechanisms. They can also chew through the wiring. Get them cleared out as soon as possible.

Get problems repaired before the first heat wave.

Even without rodents, wear and tear can develop over the course of winter. The sooner you get freon leaks, bent framing or loose wires fixed, the better. Whether you want to clean your condenser yourself or bring in a technician, it’s the perfect opportunity to check for damage. If you clean it early, you can also beat the rush in demand for spring tune-ups.

Make sure plants don’t grow too close.

Plants can cause even more damage than rodents. Ivy and trumpet flowers like the grated walls on condensers just as much as they would a trellis. They can grow to quickly clog your condenser, even if they don’t find their way inside. But hardy weeds can get into the unit and twist around the internal parts. Clean out your unit and trim back the plants before the growing season starts.

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