2 Things To Do Before Turning Off Your Air Conditioning For The Winter

Taking care of your air conditioning system before you shut it down for the winter is very important. This helps to keep it in good repair while you aren’t using it and helps you prepare to use it again in the spring. Here are two effective things that you can do before turning off your air conditioning.

2 Things To Do Before Turning Off Your Air Conditioning For The Winter

Contact A Professional For Scheduled Maintenance 

One of the most important things that you can do before you shut down your air conditioner for the winter is contact a HVAC professional to come and perform regular maintenance. The HVAC professional will be able to look over your AC unit and see if any of the coils are dirty or need replacing. They will check your air conditioning filter as well and replace it if necessary.

Any screws or bolts that need tightened or replaced will be taken care off, leaving your AC unit in great condition for the winter. This helps things to go smoothly in the spring or summer when it is time to turn it back on again because you know that it is ready to go.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned 

The air conditioning ducts throughout your house can sometimes become full of dust and debris. This can inhibit the airs ability to flow through your home, thus causing you to turn up your air conditioning. Turning your air up will result in higher cooling bills, which is something you likely want to avoid.

A great way to do this is to hire a professional to come in and clean out all of your ducts for you. This helps the air to flow freely through the vents and is also effective if you have a central heating system that you use in the winter time.

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