Can You Switch From Electric Heat to Gas Heat?

Electric heat remains common in the United States, but natural gas has outpaced its popularity by about one-fifth. If you currently have an electric furnace or baseboard units, you could reduce heating expenses by switching to gas.

Can You Switch From Electric Heat to Gas Heat?

Another benefit of gas is that you can more easily supply the necessary electrical power for your home with a generator. Several significant changes prove necessary during this transition. Some HVAC components need replacement, but others may be reusable.


Unlike electric systems, fuel-burning equipment needs to exhaust pollutants. It’s crucial to install an adequate chimney or vent if your home doesn’t already have one in a suitable location. An old chimney may need maintenance before you can use it.

Fuel Supply

If you plan to burn propane, the fuel supplier will deliver a tank. On the other hand, you may have access to gas that travels through underground pipes. The utility provides a meter if you choose this option. Either way, you’ll also need to install fuel lines.


It may be possible to reuse existing if the ducts are correctly sized and remain in decent condition. Likewise, you might have the option to continue using a compatible thermostat.

If you own standard electric baseboard units, you’ll need to install new fixtures in multiple rooms. Electric boiler and furnace owners may have the ability to retain existing heating fixtures or registers if they’re undamaged.

Energy prices could always change in the future. Be sure to carefully decide if you want to completely replace the current system or keep it as an alternate heat source. This will help you determine what components to replace, retain or remove.

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