How to Get the Most Out of Central Air Conditioning

You can find many ways to make the most of your existing central air conditioning system. To maximize its cooling capacity and reliability while cutting your electric bills, follow these tips:

How to Get the Most Out of Central Air Conditioning

Outdoor Condenser

Remember to clean the outdoor unit from time to time. Trim any plants that are less than three feet away from it; this equipment needs sufficient airflow. At the same time, it’s best if the condenser’s location is shaded by an awning, tree or building.

Eliminating Leaks

Make sure all of your windows are shut tightly. If an upper sash keeps sliding down slightly, try locking it. Use caulk to seal any gaps that allow cold air to escape your home; check window frames, corners and utility connections for leaks. Consider installing new insulation as well.

Like your house, HVAC ducts can leak air. Be sure to inspect them and seal any cracks or holes. It’s also possible to maximize the efficiency of ductwork by insulating it.

Thermostat Settings

Remember to set a warmer target temperature when you’re away from home. If you often forget to do so, think about installing a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust itself.

Home Appliances

Certain appliances like ovens, ranges, coffee makers, dishwashers and clothes dryers create substantial amounts of warmth. They make it harder for your A/C system to achieve desired temperatures. Try to run them during the early morning or nighttime hours.


Your central air conditioner will work best if a licensed HVAC expert performs a yearly tune-up and cleaning. It’s also crucial to maintain the system’s air filter; remember to inspect it monthly.

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