Common Air Conditioning Issues and Repairs

Spring is here. The weather is slowly warming. Soon, we’ll be in the throes of summer and cranking up those air conditioners. Inevitably, your air conditioner may need some attention. Let’s have a look at some common issues that we in the air conditioning business often encounter.

Common Air Conditioning Issues and Repairs

Your Home Takes Longer to Cool

If you notice your home takes longer than normal to cool, or even blows warm air, your unit may be low on refrigerant. If an air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant, it is most likely due to a leak. Make an appointment with one of our HVAC professionals as soon as possible. They will detect the leak, repair it, and recharge the unit according to manufacturer specifications.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

If you attempt to turn on your air conditioner and get no response, it could be either a power or thermostat issue. Verify your thermostat is working and is set correctly to the cool position. Give it a few moments to kick in and begin working. Often, this will do the trick. If the air conditioner still doesn’t work, you may need to have the thermostat re-calibrated or replaced.

If the issue is due to lack of power, you may have a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Check for these in your fuse panel and breaker box. Replace any blown fuses and reset breakers. If this doesn’t work or if you don’t feel comfortable with this task, call a professional to diagnose and repair the power malfunction.

Does Not Turn off or Cycles Frequently

An air conditioning unit that runs constantly or cycles on and off frequently could be the result of several potential problems. One is that the unit is too small for the space it is attempting to cool. In this situation, a replacement or additional unit may be the best answer.

Another issue that may cause this problem is a clogged condensation line. The line may be designed to evacuate outside, next to the unit, or inside into a drain pan. To unclog the line, you may blow compressed air through the line or use a shop vacuum to suck out any clogs. If this has no effect, call a professional for assistance.

Regular maintenance of air conditioning units often prevent or reduce the risk of problems. However, sometimes issues arise. When this happens, worry not, we can help. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are ready to assist. If you have any questions regarding the performance of your air conditioner, or would like to schedule a service, please contact us.