Why You Should Not Be Adjusting Your Ductwork Airflow

Your furnace and air conditioner provide air to all rooms of your home through the ductwork. This air passes through registers in each room. These registers are adjusted to set the amount of air flowing into the room. Let’s say it is summer and the room is too hot; you may want to open the registers to get more cool air. This may fix the immediate problem in that specific room, but there is a problem.

Why You Should Not Be Adjusting Your Ductwork Airflow

When conditions change, that amount of air will quite likely be too much. This results in overcooling the room. So now you must make another adjustment. Can you see where this is headed? Yes, constant readjustment of the registers.

To add to the bad situation, as you adjust the airflow in one room, the airflow in all the other rooms are impacted. Your furnace and air conditioner provide a constant amount of air. If you take more air for one room, then there is less air for the other rooms. So now, you’re not adjusting to one room but all the rooms in your home.

While they are set during installation of the system, changes can occur over time. For example, you may use some of the rooms different from the previous owners or you may have changed the way you shade your windows. Even the growing or removal of trees around your house can influence how much air is needed in each room. This is a small sample of the many factors requiring careful evaluation.

What seems like a simple task to remedy an immediate problem can have a compounded effect on your comfort.

If you are frustrated because you have rooms that are too hot or too cold, then it is time to call Texas Air Tech. The professionals at Texas Air Tech can inspect your home, including your entire HVAC equipment and ductwork. They can come up with a plan to eliminate your frustration and ensure proper airflow in each room.