Don’t Miss Out On Your 2016 Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Rebate!

If you have been considering replacing your aging heat pump or air conditioning unit, now might be the best time! Upgrading to an energy-efficient unit not only saves you money in operating costs but, as part of GP&L’s EnergySaver Program, helps you pay for your new unit as well. They are offering a rebate on your new unit if you buy before September 30, 2016. You can receive a rebate from $500 to $800 depending on which unit you have installed. The credit amount is based on the AHRI published efficiency ratios. (SEER Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) (EER Energy Efficiency Ratio).

Don't Miss Out On Your 2016 Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Rebate!

Here is what you need to do to collect your rebate:

– After purchasing your HVAC system, you will need a legible, itemized copy of the installed equipment including model and serial numbers.

– An AHRI rating sheet which your contractor will give you.

– A Mechanical Permit which must be pulled by your registered contractor before installing your unit. After having the work completed, the homeowner needs to call to schedule a final inspection.

– A completed and signed rebate application.

Air conditioners manufactured today, use 30% to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as those manufactured in the mid-70’s. You will be saving money every month on your utility bill if you install a new, more efficient model. You can expect to see a savings of 20% to 40%. You will also be helping the environment by replacing it. Older models use Freon (a coolant), which is being phased out by the EPA as part of an international treaty focused on protecting the ozone layer. Production ended in 2010 with new air conditioning units. By 2020, production of Freon will end altogether. Modern air conditioners do not contribute to air pollution.

The GP&L’s 2016 Central Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Rebate is only available until September so don’t miss out!

We would be glad to come out and give you an estimate to replace your air conditioning unit or answer any questions about the rebate program. Please contact us today. We would love to help!