How To Conduct Monthly Maintenance on Your Air Conditioner

It’s important to conduct monthly maintenance on your air conditioner.  While maintenance should only take a few minutes each month, it will help keep your air conditioner working at its best.  It will also allow you to find and repair small problems before they become larger and more expensive ones.

How To Conduct Monthly Maintenance Of Your Air Conditioner

Here are several things you should do every month:

Change your filter

Make sure you change your air conditioner filter regularly.  Changing your filter will help your air conditioner run efficiently and improve your indoor air quality.

Inspect your air conditioner unit  

Once a month, visually inspect your outdoor air conditioner unit.  Look it over to make sure there is no physical damage to the unit or that the unit is leaning to one side.  Check if any parts are damaged, rusting, or coming apart.  Also, check that your air conditioner isn’t making any unusual sounds when it is running.

If you see any problems, make sure to call a professional to have your air conditioner serviced as soon as possible.  Fixing these small problems now can help you avoid them from becoming much larger ones.

Clean up any debris around your air conditioning unit

Air conditioner units need air flowing through the unit to run at their best.  As a result, it’s important to keep the area around the unit clear.  Once a month, make sure to trim any plants or trees that are getting too close to the unit.  Remove any debris from the area as well.

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