Tips To Use Your HVAC Unit To Alleviate Allergies

Your HVAC unit is the secret weapon that can help you prevent allergies and alleviate allergy symptoms.

When fighting allergies, managing indoor air quality is crucial to minimize flare-ups if you or your family suffer from allergies. Here are some tips you can use to put allergies flare-ups to a minimum;

Tips To Use Your HVAC Unit To Alleviate Allergies

Invest in quality filters

Air filters are the most used parts of your HVAC unit. They clean the air circulating through your HVAC unit and trap particles and contaminants that would alleviate allergies. Investing in quality filters may be a bit expensive, but it assures you that the air in your home is clean and most allergens are filtered.

Change your filters frequently

Replace your filters frequently, at least every three months, because filters can get dirty and clogged and circulate allergens and dust particles. Replacing filters often ensures fewer allergens in your house. When you avoid changing filters, your HVAC system will overwork and be an allergen hotspot.

Make sure your air duct is always clean

Air ducts remove allergens from the air, and they can fail to work correctly and accumulate allergens if you don’t clean them regularly. Allergens that enter the ducts can go into the vents contaminating the air you breathe.

Maintain the right humidity

High or low humidity can worsen allergies. Find the proper humidity for your home and use a humidifier to ensure the moisture level in your home is just right.

Clean around your HVAC unit

Your HVAC system pulls the air circulating around your home. Checking your outdoor unit and cleaning it is vital to ensure the air entering your HVAC unit is clean.

Contact Texas Air Tech For Regular Maintenance

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to ensure you get the best indoor air quality and to keep allergens at bay. Visit our website to learn more, and feel free to contact us if you suspect allergens from your HVAC unit are alleviating your allergy symptoms.