Get Ready for Winter with Heating System Tune-Up

Just as every homeowner should have his or her air conditioning system checked as the summer months draw nigh, the home heating system should undergo a similar procedure as winter approaches. But when should you call for a heating system tune-up?

Get Ready for Winter with Heating System Tune-Up

Some suggest that if your system is less than ten years old, it should only get a check up by a trained technician every other year and then go to every year after the first decade. However, if you want to be entirely safe and avoid a service call in the middle of winter, you should consider a checkup of your home system every year, regardless of its age. The principle of an ounce of prevention equaling a pound of cure applies in this case.

If you call a technician to give your home heating system an inspection, you should ask in advance what exactly he or she is going to do. Most comprehensive checkups will involve more than inspecting the vents for blockages and leakages, though these are important to make sure your heating system is running at optimal efficiency. A home heating system has many parts that must operate at factory specification to work properly. Also, a thorough inspection will catch any problems before they become an issue that would require an emergency service call in the middle of a cold snap.

You might be tempted to try to do the inspection yourself to save some money, but only a trained technician, with experience in heating and air conditioning systems will be able to do a thorough job. The small amount of money you’ll pay will save a lot of money for a service call if the heating system breaks down.

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