Two Signs That Your Office’s A/C Is Starting to Malfunction

Air conditioning is a critical component of maintaining an interior environment, and this is especially true in a commercial office. Having a temperature that is too cold or too high can dramatically reduce productivity even among the most well-intention of employees, and not having adequate airflow can spread a late-winter cold faster, especially because most offices only have A/Cs units providing ventilation. Here are common signs of impending air conditioning failures for commercial units:

Two Signs That Your Office's A/C Is Starting to Malfunction

  • It takes longer for the office to reach the set temperature. While some of that delay can be the changes in ambient temperature, a delay in cool air is often caused by a clogged system. The filter may need to be replaced or the coils are covered with a thick layer of dust and debris that is preventing adequate internal cooling. No matter what the reason may be, getting the problem looked at by a technician will result in speedier cooling and even a lower utility bill.
  • The unit starts making weird noises. Any unusual noises are a sign that some part of the system may be dislodged. It could be a fan that broke, some aspect of duct-work that is no longer tightly secured, or an overworked motor. Not only are unexpected bangs and rattles distracting to employees and visiting clients, it’s the first warning sign of a growing problem that could shut down your air conditioning altogether.

Most office leases have sections in the contract about air conditioning repair that require tenants to bring in a professional or even require tenants to bring the problem to the landlord who will then contact a professional. Those additional steps take time, so make sure to report any problems the instant you see signs of a malfunctioning HVAC and go to Texas Air Tech to learn more about how we can help!