3 Ways A/C Can Help Keep Pollen Out of Your House

Spring has arrived, and allergies have arrived with it. If you’re worried about allergens and toxins getting inside your house, one of the most important tools you have is your air conditioning system. Here’s how it can help:

3 Ways A/C Can Help Keep Pollen Out of Your House

1. Find HEPA filters that match your air conditioning unit.

There are four basic types of air filters, and your current one might not be able to keep small spores and allergens out of the air. Research your specific model and filter requirements, or ask your air conditioning technician during a spring tune-up. A HEPA filter or a filter rated to improve your home’s air quality can help keep your allergies at bay. But because these filters are thicker, you need to change them more regularly to avoid overworking your air conditioner.

2. Use your air conditioner instead of cooling your home with open windows.

Letting in fresh air through your windows and patio door is a great way to circulate your home’s air. It can also lower your energy bill. But it also lets allergens and pollen inside. No matter how fine the mesh of your window screens is, it can’t keep everything out. So close your windows during the peak allergy season and use your air conditioner instead. If you spend most of your time in one or two rooms, consider getting window units to cut down on power usage.

3. Keep plants and pollen away from your condenser.

When spring starts, pollen gets everywhere. But you make your home’s air cleaning by keeping your condenser clear of plants. Trim weeds away from the outdoor unit. You can also limit exposure by bordering your unit with gravel or brick so plants don’t grow next to it. A wall or gate is also highly effective, as long as it doesn’t block airflow.

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping up with the spring allergens or the spring heat, contact us at Texas Air Tech.