5 Possible Causes for Frozen Refrigerant Lines in your Home

Don’t face sticker-shock when you see your electric bill for the month. To prevent a frosty system from freezing your wallet use these tips to boost system efficiency, lengthen the life of your HVAC equipment, and increase comfort in your home. If you find frozen refrigerant lines or coil check for:

Frozen Refrigerant Lines

  1. Poor circulation of air before entering the indoor unit. Move any obvious obstructions near the inlet of your indoor unit. You may be surprised at how redirecting a few supply louvers can make a world of difference in overall airflow mixture and stratification.
  2. Air filters neglected for long periods. Dirt buildup can restrict airflow considerably.
  3. A faulty indoor fan can easily freeze a system, easily overlooked if the fan appears to be running while all other items listed are acceptable. There could be an issue where correct fan speed is not being selected and a replacement is needed.
  4. A thermostat which appears to be working, but is unable to adjust the correct speed for the indoor fan can also freeze a system. While this is more common for newly installed thermostats, an older thermostat may need replacement.
  5. Residue and buildup on the indoor coil just after the air filter. This is commonly overlooked as it will be present while all other listed aspects pass inspection.

Now that we’ve discussed possible causes of a frozen or frosty system, here is a list to look at for when this might happen.

During the Spring or Fall, when outdoor temperatures are closer to room temperature, an air conditioner may freeze due to entering air temperatures being lower than that which the manufacturer has tested and built the equipment. Don’t panic, Spring and Fall are an excellent time for system maintenance as they allow for exposing these issues early so you can take care of them early. If the system runs without freezing during the cooler months, it is highly likely this will be the case when temperatures go back up.

If these tips sound overwhelming, or if you find yourself without air conditioning in the hot Texas heat, contact the team at Texas Air Tech so they can get your system running without freezing your assets.