Heat Pump Tips To Save Money & Boost Performance

Heat pumps offer a highly efficient way to warm and cool most buildings. Although people primarily used them in southern homes in the past, technological improvements have made it possible to run this equipment throughout the year in relatively cold climates.

Heat Pump Tips To Save Money & Boost Performance

Americans often save $400 to $1,000 per year when they replace old heating systems with heat pumps. However, it’s only feasible to achieve these savings and stay comfortable if you adopt the right techniques. These air-source heat pump tips can help:

1. Avoid using auto mode or running separate air handlers in different modes. Remember to activate cooling mode in the summer and heating mode in the winter. This will maximize efficiency.

2. Take the time to fully maintain your equipment. Remove any twigs or tree leaves that accumulate on the outdoor unit. Keep the air filter clean and schedule annual service calls. If your system behaves oddly, refer to its instruction manual and call the installer when you need assistance.

3. Shield the outdoor unit from heavy wind. You may accomplish this with the help of a fence, shrub or deck. Be careful not to enclose the heat pump or otherwise limit its access to air.

4. You can save energy by using the automatic fan setting. In most situations, the system will draw more electricity if you select a specific fan speed like “medium” or “low.” Don’t confuse the fan setting with the system’s mode.

5. If you use an air-source heat pump to supplement an oil, gas or electric furnace, set the older thermostat about 12 degrees lower than its usual temperature. You may increase this setting when the weather becomes particularly cold.

6. Avoid making frequent adjustments to the heat pump’s thermostat during the winter. Don’t switch this equipment on and off throughout the day. Consistent operation normally reduces electric bills. Nevertheless, you should lower the temperature when you leave home for a day or longer.

Make an effort to inform any family members, roommates or tenants about these tips. People sometimes operate air-source heat pumps in the same way that they’ve used conventional systems in the past, so it’s important for everyone to understand how this equipment works.

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