The Best Heating & Cooling Options for Your Sunroom

Incorporating a sunroom in your home is a huge plus. Besides adding a touch of luxury and elegance, sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outside atmosphere while indoors. Unfortunately, if you reside in Texas, you still have to grapple with extreme fluctuations in temperatures either in the summer or the winter. A lack of temperature controls within your home can make your sunroom unusable for a better part of the year.

Luckily such a scenario could be alleviated by incorporating a heating and cooling system. If you are looking to heat or cool your sunroom, here are some of the heating and cooling options you can choose from:

The Best Heating & Cooling Options for Your Sunroom

Central Air Cooling and Heating System

If you have an installed HVAC system for your home, it is possible to use it for your sunroom. Essentially, ductwork is done to ensure that every room of your home is cooled or heated through the HVAC system. Ductwork can be done to extend the cooling and heating effect of central AC and heater in the sunroom. When you want to connect the sunroom to the central HVAC system, make sure to consult a competent technician to help assess its effectiveness with the extra load. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about energy inefficiency since a thermostat can be installed to cut off the sunroom from the central air conditioner when not in use.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

They are referred to as ductless since they require minimal ductwork during installations.  The mini-split systems are wall-mounted indoors in your sunroom. You can mount multiple units in different sections of the room to create multiple cooling and heating zones. Notably, ductless mini-split systems are quiet, energy-efficient, and can be operated separately from the rest of your home.

Portable Heating and Cooling Units

Portable air conditioners are applicable options for single-room heating or cooling requirements. They are less bulky and use a small exhaust vent to heat or cool the air in your sunroom. The portable units come in different models that is, those that do either heating or cooling exclusively, and others that can do both heating and cooling. Although a portable air conditioner is an option, it is essential to note that they are less effective and less energy efficient.

Undoubtfully, keeping your dwelling rooms well-conditioned brings more comfort to your lifestyle. If you are looking to install a heating and cooling system in your sunroom in Texas, do not hesitate to contact Texas Air Tech. We offer competent and professional 24/7 services to help you reach your home comfort needs.