Why You Should Shut Windows When The AC On

Air conditioners are meant to cool our homes and offices. The process of giving off cool air is not automatic. Many homes during summer are heated up and people want to cool off quickly. The windows are left open while the air conditioner is running. Leaving windows open might seem like killing two birds with one stone, but it is actually the opposite. Letting your air conditioner run while the house windows are open simply makes the cooling process inefficient.

Why You Should Shut Windows When The AC On

Why You Should Close Windows When AC Is On

HVAC experts highly recommend that all windows and doors be closed when air conditioners are on. This will trap the cool air in the room and moderate the temperature. When air conditioners are running and windows are open, warm air gets into the room and stresses the cooling efforts of the air conditioner.

How Open Windows Kill Your Air Conditioner

1. A Dusty Evaporator Coil Plus High Bills

With a window open, more dust enters a room. This will be evident since your furniture or home appliances will have dust layers. Now imagine the layer of dust inside your AC. Excessive dust buildup in the AC’s evaporator coil negates the cooling process. The coil will be forced to run for more hours than usual. This will, of course, directly affect the amount of money you pay for your electricity bill.

2. More Money Spent on Repairs

Since the evaporator coil is overworking, your AC is highly susceptible to breaking down. This means spending more on repairs or buying a new air conditioning unit. Prevention would be better than cure.

3. Total Waste of Energy

Open windows while the AC is on results in your AC overworking to cool your home. This is because open windows bring in warm air, yet the AC is trying so hard to moderate the temperature. It really is a total misuse of energy that will eventually destroy your AC.

4. Excessive Humidity

Air conditioners cool the air by riding it of excessive water. Leaving the windows open while the AC is running allows more moisture into your house. This means your AC will pull a double shift.

5. Inconsistent Cooling

Open windows while the central AC unit is running result in the creation of different temperature zones in a house. Other rooms will be hotter while others will be cooler. The air conditioner will again be overworked and the power bill will definitely affect your budget.

6. An Irregular AC cycle

Once an AC is turned on, it runs till it reaches the desired temperature. Once this happens, the AC turns off automatically. Unfortunately, with open windows, the AC cannot undergo the process of air conditioner cycling. Open windows cause your AC to experience excess pressure to operate longer, which means it can break down without warning.

Do you Need an HVAC Technician?

If you have been leaving your windows open while your AC is running, it would be best if you consulted HVAC services. Texas Air Tech (contact us) technicians will inspect your air conditioning unit and do all the necessary repairs.