Preparing Your Heater For The Winter

While we are enjoying the moderate temperatures that come with fall, it is very easy for the issue of heater winterization to slip out of mind. We all know how erratic winter can be. Almost everyone’s had an experience where they were caught on the wrong side of the weather because either winter came early or some bizarre incident happened and now it’s snowing out of nowhere.

If you find yourself in such a situation, having prepared your furnace and boiler will ensure you and your loved ones keep warm and secure long after the temperatures dip below freezing point.

To keep track of everything and cover your bases, we’ve put together this comprehensive checklist of things you need to do to prepare your heating system for winter.

Preparing Your Heater For The Winter

Seek the Services of a Professional

It would be advisable to bring in a licensed HVAC expert from Texas Air Tech to inspect the appliance for you. It is common for most heaters to need maintenance after they have been in use for a while.

  • We will begin by cleaning the boiler. Both the interior and exterior are cleaned to get rid of any debris.
  • It is almost always certain that the filters are going to need replacement, so our technicians will bring one along.
  • For systems that run on natural gas, we will inspect to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Our technicians will also clean the entire ventilation system to guarantee you fresh air throughout winter.
  • Finally, we will take precautions to ensure no obstacles are close to the heating system and more especially flammable materials.

Replace Old & Worn Out Parts

During winter you’ll need your boiler and furnace at maximum operating capacity. Your hot water requirements increase due to the cold and you can’t open the windows for ventilation. Therefore, you have to rely on the furnace a lot.

For this reason, it is important to ensure you replace the old worn-out parts, especially the air filters, because the furnace is in constant use during this period.

Stock Up on Spare Parts

You don’t want your heating system breaking down in the middle of winter, leaving you to suffer the cold and freezing temperatures and you don’t have any spare parts for replacement.

It is vital to stock up on certain spare parts. For instance, ensure you have filters because they wear out faster than the other parts due to constant use.

Recalibrate the Thermostat

You can set the thermostat to lower the temperature around the house whenever you’re not around. Take care to ensure the temperatures don’t drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit because this can cause the pipes to freeze and damage your plumbing system.

Winter doesn’t have to be associated with discomfort and extreme cold. Ensure you winterize your heating system so that it can withstand anything mother nature throws at it to ensure you’re comfortable and maintain seamless productivity. Visit Texas Air Tech for more information and professional HVAC services.